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Whether you just want to acquire the estimation of legal fees, want to file a claim in a specific country, you are involved in a lawsuit or you want to start a business internationally, we can help.

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Having local experience and knowledge on your side is an invaluable asset when pursuing legal interest in a foreign country, and that is exactly what Justitium.com provides. Guaranteed.

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Justitium international is a very professional company that provides you with a legal counselling for a very fair price. I have contacted them hoping they could help my company to settle a case of an non-paying customer who has avoided payments for over a year.

- Itana Dosljak, Controlling, ZPZ d.o.o., Croatia

We have signed a contract with Justitium International in 2008. First we have send them more difficult cases - older cases in Romania and Bulgaria. They have excellent partner lawyers in those countries which provided a good service. We were able to collected 40 % on cases that were already written off. In 2010 we were starting to send them not collected files in Italy and France. Their results are impressive and cost effective.

- Pedro J. Garcia, International customer manager, ANT Bascco Hidraulica, Spain

In the past 10 years I have many international law firms. Lately I have ordered many services to be performed by the Justitium International. They are cost effective and their staff is fast to respond. I would recommend them especially in the geographic territories of Italy, France, Spain and Eastern Europe.

- Mathias Lundberg, CFO, DWWT Transport, Frechen, Germany